My hair is afro hair, but i referr to my hair as being coily, or kinky, simply b/c i like the names better and it sets me apart from being just curly and Sounds more afrocentric not so much curly and the fact that i actually do have definition in my hair, i might not have big huge coke can sized curls but my hair is still corkscrew pencil shaped curls. Its all in how you perceive your hair. some people even go as far to call their hair 'nappy'. some dont agree with that term, but if thats what you wanna call it, its your hair, you should know it best. Then you have those with a blend of kinks and actual curly hair . Just b/c you cant see the definition of curls doesnt mean its not there. Even afro hair with a Z pattern, has a pattern, like wavy hair does, its just so small that you cant see it. So i think it could be considered curly b/c definition and size of curls and coils doesnt determine if its actually curly or not.
Wavy hair is just extremely loose curls to me, they have some of the same problems as people with curly and kinky hair do so i dont see why they cant consider them curly.
I think its the 'problems' we all encounter with our hair that brings all the hair types together to this site.

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