I had my Keratin treatmeant done about a month ago. The stylist left it on for maybe 45min-1hr....I thought i read somewhere that it should be left on longer.
I have medium length hair, hi-lites....when I air day, my hair looks exactly like it did before I had this $350 treatment. I know blow dry a little bit and then use a hot-air curling iron...It's looks nice then but so very flat, and it atkes me a good half hour just to get it smooth straight,and the way I like it. I use all sulfite, sodium free shampoos and conditioners,and even after towel drying I use the Coppola keritin cream that in a pump....Did my hairstylist leave it on for two little of a time or is this just how my hair is suposed to be, Any advice would really help!!!!