some kinky hair tends to have very small curls, sometimes you cant see unless you have alot of conditioner in it or some kind of lotion to make the curls appear. Even when you cant see an actual curl pattern doesnt mean kinky hair isnt curly.

Wtf are you talking about delusional? Sounds like ur the one getting offended not me, i was talking about MYSELF, ME, I. The way I(me) see my hair, not anyone elses. My hair is nappy/ kinky/coily, so what's there to be offended by if i dont even call myself curly? I was referring to someone else's post not the OP, so dont come on here talking about that which you know nothing about.

Anyways, as for wavy hair, i just see it as very loose curls. Like ur taking a coil of hair and stretching it until it forms a wave. Its a form of curly hair in my opinion. There's really no other direction to go if you dont have straight hair. If its not straight you have some form of a curl.
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And once again, my previous post still speaks for itself. But also note, I can tell you didn't fully read it.