Funny, isn't it? My grandma used to do the same thing, except with my weight. It didn't matter how good I looked, how much weight I had recently lost, how successful I was in my job, it would always be just that much better if I just lost a little more weight. It finally hit a head when she told me (at the ripe old age of 19) that if I would lose weight, I could get married and fulfill my duty as a woman.

Right. I was mad. Livid. Furious. For a looooonnnnnnggggg time. Then my cousin helped me realize that holding onto that resentment was only making me bitter, not her. Once I learned to let it roll off my back (a big pill to take), our relationship was better and eventually she simmered down. Mostly because I stopped reacting, I think.

I'm not saying this is the way to handle it. I'm just saying that someone always wants just a little better for us and thinking that if we change something, that thing will come to pass keeps them pushing. As unreal as it seems, she's doing it because she really does care and love you. Just remember that, blithely smile and do what you want anyway.

But I hear you. Boy, do I hear you!