I think SunshineGrrl is on to something. I would also add that when someone is as obsessed about something as your mother is with straight hair, the obsession is a lot more about her than it is about you. Somewhere along the line, she got information convincing her that curls meant something negative. Or that straight hair unlocked doors to happiness. She is so attached to this idea (and what its basis is) that she can't see beyond it to the fact that her comments might be hurting your feelings.

The only ways to deal with this are either to confront her about why she feels as she does (and if your mother is anything like mine, this approach will result in confusion, tears, misinterpretations, and blame) or just ignore her comments as you might ignore the ramblings of an insane person. (I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but I've found the latter approach has been effective for me with my parents.)

Try to remember that she isn't criticizing you as much as her brain is stuck in an endless loop of preconceived notions not based on anything real.

I think it's wonderful that you continue to love your curls, despite this irritating stream of criticism.
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