Paraty, i completely agree with everything you're saying, that's basically what i've been saying which is why i personally dont call the 4a/b's whatever, curly, i refer to them as being kinky. I wasnt talking about making my hair to be something its not, i said even though i have coffee stirrer sized curls, that TECHNICALLY it IS CURLY, but i dont consider it curly, but kinky. the simple fact that this hairtype is constantly vilified in the black community is part of why i would rather call myself nappy, kinky, coily proudly. Just worded it differently. My whole point was that, even though you might not see the curls on naked afro textured hair, the tiny curls are still there with the use of lotions and butters.

I do agree and i see it alot, these hairtypes will try to deny to have something they dont have. But if i consider my hair something it IS, then how am i in delial? If i were in denial, i would have looser curls and try to call myself kinky. If you're going by the hair in that avatar of mine, that isnt my hair, that was taken 2 years ago when i unraveled my kinky twists. My real hair would look like that in a twistout but basically my real hair IS and always has been kinky. i dont understand the part about me being in the denial? lol.
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Who said you were in denial?