Ha, ha it's always something with mothers, isn't it? They always think they know what's best for us. My mom doesn't complain about my curls, but she wants me to cut my hair. She buys into the "long hair is for youth" ideal.
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Girl, you have hit the nail on the head! My mom ALWAYS think she's right and knows what is best for me.

But concerning length, my mom is the opposite. She's for long hair for all ages!

She likes my curly hair, but since she grew up with long hair, she thinks I should always have long hair because "I look prettier that way." Every time I tell her I'm getting a haircut, even if it's just a trim, she always gives me the 'Don't cut it too short!!!' lecture.

I've gotten to the point where I just don't tell her I'm getting a haircut anymore, I just do it and let her be surprised when I come home with a new style.

In fact, I just recently I got a very cute short cut. I wanted something new and I hadn't worn my hair short in about 4 years. Of course, when my mom saw it, she did not like it AT ALL. She even went so far as to try and give me the 'I told you so' line when I went to sleep with it partially wet and woke up with a bad mess on my head. I knew why it looked like crap so I ignored her.

When I went to work, I got nothing but compliments from everyone but one lady, who is also a long hair lover, like my mom (they're both filipino too, surprise surprise! ) She didn't say it looked terrible, just that she liked it better long.

I told my mom this when I got home, and she took that one woman's opinion and preached it like gospel just because it was the same view as her own. Forget the fact that 99.9% of the people I talked to loved my hair. Nope, these 2 individuals are the ones who are right and everyone else is lying.

That's what she likes to say...'I'm your mom and I'm the only one who will tell you things truthfully. Everyone else will lie to you.' Seriously, that's what she says.

It's sad, really. I mean, why go through life thinking everyone else is lying to you except your mom? I just shrug it off though. She likes my hair curly...but not short. Can't win them all, I guess
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