There was a thread started 3 days ago about getting clumps with Deva. As a lot of you don't use Deva you probably skipped that thread so I thought I'd share what technique Icequeen shared about how to use your conditioner.
I rake a large amt. of OneC through my hair in the shower, then flip over and scrunch it through until it feels like seaweed and squishes which gets the clumps going. It sits on my hair through the shower routine. I then rinse upside down in cool water and firmly scrunch in a small amt. of OneC
I really think this is making such a difference in my clumps forming. I usually don't get big or even medium clumps. I get small ones. I would look at the pics of the wavies on here and long for the clumps they were getting. After a while I just figured it wasn't what my hair was going to do so I let it go. Then I saw the thread and after Icequeen posted I figured I'd pull my Deva out of the cabinet and give it a go. My hair looked GREAT and I had CLUMPS. So the next day I figured I'd try it with my other condish and products to see if it was just the Deva. Again my hair did the same thing...great clumps. And yesterday I did it again with some samples I got from KathyMack (I actually had 2nd day hair for once but couldn't wait to try new stuff) and again I had good results. I really think this is making a huge difference and I wanted to make sure that all you who don't use Deva at least had a chance to try it. BTW if I'm not mistaken, this is how Lorraine Massey herself conditioned Icequeen's hair at a curly event a few years ago. Day 1 All Deva Day 2 GVP condish balm, homemade FSG, BRHG Day 3 KBB milk and Curl Junkie CCCC, I didn't use a gel, hence the frizz

There are more in my Fotki if you want to check them out. And TRY THIS! Thanks again Icequeen!
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