What is the point of getting it done? If you hair is going to grow back it's natural texture, why not use a cheaper method such a relaxer (just leave it is in for less time if type 3)? I mean why spend hundreds or a thousand dollars if in 6 weeks you're gonna have wavy/curly roots?
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Well.. I don't know about most people, but the since my root are extremely straight until almost my ears (and my hair's wave and curl disappears if it's cut above my collarbone), the Japanese straightening would work really well on my head.

Plus, it's MUCH cheaper than how much the average curly here spends on hair products a year. Also, going to work with wet hair is NOT professional in the least and that's basically what a lot of curlies seem to have to do (my hair takes 5 hours to air dry and frizzes in the process). So, when I get out of college, I'm definitely having this done because it's the easiest thing.