That is messed up. I dont care WHAT she did. A man doesnt hit a woman. period. he needs help.
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You wanna know what is really messed up?

Chris' mother's ex-BF used to beat her up. He talked before how that scarred him to hear his mother get beaten down and how he would never be like that.
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Acutally, its not all that messed up.

Studies show that children that witness abuse of a parent or are themselves abused are much more likely to be an abuser or suffer at the hand of an abuser as an adult.

ETA: Also, usually as adults, they know that what they saw and witnessed was wrong, but its VERY hard to stop the cycle of abuse...espically when you witnessed it as a child.

I'm also going to take the unpopular route here...because I want to hear his side of the story. Not so much that I want to hear what Rihanna might have done to cause this (because honestly, I don't think she did anything nor do I think that anyone deserves it) but I want to see where dude's head is at. I seriously hope he enters some type of treatment program and gets the help he needs so that he can stop the cycle of abuse.

Another unpopular opinion...but I don't think he deserves to be locked up and the key thrown away. He's 19...which is basicly a BABY. I think he needs extensive counciling and therapy (acutally, I think they both do). Rihanna and CB had a very adult relationship for them to be sooo young...and I'm not so sure that they had adults around that were not on thier payroll to really guide and direct them. Young, rich, famous, no adult guidiance....they were sitting on a powder keg. I'm just sorry that it ended up this way....but I knew that when it was gonna be BAD.
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