Well I guess I should be really specific at all times, like the first inch or two of my hair at the roots is straight, then a good portion of the length is wavy, and the ends will curl...

Should people with kinky hair also refrain from calling their hair curly?

I'm not trying to be (too) snarky, but 'curly' is kind of an all purpose word sometimes when talking about hair that isn't straight. It doesn't put anyone down or anything.
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I do think thats kind of offensive. Enen though my hair isnt kinky, kinky hair are just very tight curls. Its still curls just a different style. It falls under curly and I think thats a rude thing to say.

And yes it does bother when people with wavy hair say its curly but i just let them think it and keep my mouth closed, Im not going to start something big over something so little

I cant fight my curls
I cant control my curls
I really just let them roll free
What else can i do?

~I have curly curly 3c hair w/ some 4a up in little corners!
~I'm have a love affair with the Ojon Line and faithfully use Garnier Fructis Spray Gel.
~I love all my kinks, coils, and curls even when I wanna rip them out!
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