I had stomach lipo. The worst thing about it was having to wear what the medical staff nicely referred to as a "surgical garment" (which was actually a girdle) for several weeks afterward. I recovered really fast and love the results. I had a hard time recovering from the anesthesia (I've heard it's a redhead thing), but after a day or two, I was fine.

Also, my doctor just did a free touch-up for a spot that still protruded a little bit (though not visible in clothes). For that, I was fully conscious, though loopy from Ativan and numbing shots in the area affected.

In all honesty, my stomach doesn't look exactly the same as it did back in my "skinny kid" days; some parts are better, some aren't. But compared to how I looked before the surgery, it's a major improvement.

(Lipo is indeed a less serious operation than a tummy tuck, with minimal scarring, as well.)