there are proucts that fight humidity.. there's one from aveda (hang straight) its really good. i also use marc anthony straightening balm (simply straight) both of those are good. make sure your hair is conditioned REALLY well before you iron, and spritz a little hairspray too. one time, i used the paul mitchell stuff, and sprayed a little bit of hairspray on my hair (i had it straight, but then curled it the next day with a curling iron) i went on a field trip that day, and it was raining and my hair was fine! (i had my hood on of course)
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really??? i heard hairspray would make it frizz back up. i might have to try that next time.

thanks for the recs! it'll be awhile before i press again, but i'll be sure to come back and post when i do.
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i sprayed the hairspray after i did it, and hairblogger i didn't use paul mitchell stuff, i meant to say marc anthony, but i edited after you quoted it.
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I have a CHI flat iron, but not sure what setting I should use. I Believe it goes up to about 400F. What heat settings are you ladies using?