The thing is, is 11 years old old enough to realize your actions? I remember when I was eight, I went through a bit of a "bully" period. Yes, I was a little a.sshole, and I beat up another kid who just got on my nerves. I remember hitting her pretty hard, and later on, I thought to myself (when I was feeling pretty bad and pretty guilty about it), "What if I'd hit her hard enough that I killed her? What if I'd even hit her hard enough that I knocked her over and she hit her head on a rock or something?" I mean, I felt awful about it later, I realized that things can happen and that I could have hurt her much worse, even by accident, and I was eight. And it's not like I was some "wise-beyond-my-years" kid, because I wasn't. This kid was 11 - I mean, around that age, you have to think that the kid knows some semblance of right and wrong.
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