oh nooooo!!! i really hope this isn't true. i went to their website and couldn't order anything either. what store did you go to? have you tried simply wholesome on Slauson & Overland?

there's no way to contact them via their website either.....yeah, we KC users need someone's help!!
common sense is not common.....
CG since Jan 2009.....
No hair color since 2007..i've stopped fighting the greys....they always win....
3a/some 2c
clarify - ACV rinse
co-wash - NGTT calming conditioner or suave naturals tropical coconut
rinse-out - sally's GVP cond. balm
dt - sally's GVP k-pak or lustrasilk
leave in & styling - KCKT, KCCC, HESMU mousse
styling loves - DIFFUSING!!! & plopping

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