Well, I DID read somewhere on the internet that she's being sued by the other guy who makes kinky-curly products, because of the name. I don't understand that, because I thought she came out with her stuff first, and to add to that, his products didn't do a thing for my hair, except make it look and feel like I put dirt in it.
I'll try to find the link and get back to you all.
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I also read about a lawsuit by Hair Rules against Kinky Curly, which makles little sense. Kinky Curly was around first AFAIK. I remember being confused when Hair Rules came out with a product with a similar name.

Here's a link, but I don't have a subscription to this service.

ETA: from what I found, the Hair Rules line was founded in 2007 and Kinky Curly has been around before that. Weird. It's be soooo pissed if she was put out of business by a lawsuit from some new overpriced line that uses crap like xane cone and mineral oil.
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