goldy, what you need are the grown-up version of lip smackers - MAC's Taste Tease lipglass stains!
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These are so great. I have the coco framboise and the caramel, and am very tempted since they are LE to pick up at least one more and some spares. So yummy, so pretty, tho if you're a lip licker, perhaps not a good idea. Rou, you're turning me into a MAC harlot. I wouldn't have known about them except for you. Thank you!

They can go on relatively sheer or you can layer them with lipstick. Or you can apply heavily for more color. The coco framboise is pretty intense when heavily applied for example but if I apply it lightly it's more of a stain. And they are less goopy than standard lip glasses but they stay on reasonably well for a gloss assuming you're not eating.

I can't wait to kiss somebody with them on---heck they make me want to kiss myself!
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