Major score! I am in need of new jeans and was reading that Old Navy Diva Skinny jeans (cheap, but not as cheap as your designer jean score!!) and Skinny jeans (expensive) are both recommended as flattering for most body types..

Shopping is so much fun although less fun in this economy and when you've already got a crapload of clothes (me). For those who still need some great additions to their wardrobe, the current economy is full of clothing values Sounds fun and enjoy!
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I've never really looked into skinny jeans because if I'm not mistaken I heard a radio DJ say that skinny jeans are for taller/slim women and that if you're on the shorter side you'll look like a vienna sausage.

I can't believe I got my DKNY jeans at such a good price. And the even better news is that they were the only pair that I found in that style. I tried to find another in a size larger just in case and I couldn't find one. Those jeans were meant for me.
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