The thing is, is 11 years old old enough to realize your actions? I remember when I was eight, I went through a bit of a "bully" period. Yes, I was a little a.sshole, and I beat up another kid who just got on my nerves. I remember hitting her pretty hard, and later on, I thought to myself (when I was feeling pretty bad and pretty guilty about it), "What if I'd hit her hard enough that I killed her? What if I'd even hit her hard enough that I knocked her over and she hit her head on a rock or something?" I mean, I felt awful about it later, I realized that things can happen and that I could have hurt her much worse, even by accident, and I was eight. And it's not like I was some "wise-beyond-my-years" kid, because I wasn't. This kid was 11 - I mean, around that age, you have to think that the kid knows some semblance of right and wrong.
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kids that age have the ability to know right from wrong, but the ability to "see around corners" as dr. phil puts it, is something they oftentimes lack. someone that age can realize the immediate consequences of that kind of action (i.e. death) but after that, its not typical that they think about police investigations, going to trial, going to prison, etc.

anywho, i think its a sad situation.