I asked her if she wanted to this some other time because I'd rather not go anywhere with her at all than to put up with her rudeness.
I'm pretty sure that set the tone. Something cruddy happened to her and she was upset about it, and to add insult to injury her "friend" wants her to put on a happy face and STFU so that her "friend's" night isn't ruined.

She didn't handle herself well, but it sounds like there are equal amounts of rudeness going on here.

As to whether all women are moody, I don't think so. I do think we might show our feelings more than you're comfortable with, but that's not being moody. When something bad happens, it's NORMAL to react.
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Oh no, I didn't say that to her. That's just how I feel. If you're in a bad mood and you don't want to go somewhere, just let me know so I can save my time. I don't want to be putting up with all that! I've told her many times that I CAN'T stand when people are in a funk and bring down the mood. She claims to not ever moody, but she is. I asked her nicely if she wanted to this some other time, but she replied with a quick no. I wouldn't have been cared one bit if we didn't go. We go to dinner every weekend.
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