I CAN'T stand when people are in a funk and bring down the mood.
Your friends don't get to be unhappy around you? That seems like a pretty thin friendship. People have feelings, sometimes they're going to express them and if you've told her this many times and then asked if she wanted to do this some other time, she had to know what was up. I would want a friend to listen to me gripe, agree with me that the other people were all effing idiots till it was out of my system, and then move on and have a good night.
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I listen to her gripe all the time and I usally do agree with her. Heck, I did agree with her! She was just being so rude to me. She really wasn't was even talking to me. I even tried to ask her more about what happened to her but she wouldn't say much. When she would say something, she'd cut me off and say something insulting, like "Ok, why are you telling me this?", "Whatever!", "Are you done yet? You eat like a bird!" All around though, I'm just growing tired of her. She narcissistic, she's selfish, and she's close minded. She also never thinks she's wrong. Again, a lot of the times she's cool, but I'm just getting a little tired of putting up with it.
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