I agree the friend is being a jerk, I just think it's unreasonable to expect that none of your friends will ever have a bad day and need to work through it. I don't think being rude has to be part of it, but not being in the very best mood ever might be.
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I have other friends that have bad days, but they don't treat me this way. I can tell the difference when someone is having a bad day and when someone is just being mean. If you're feel like being mad and mean, then why do you want to be around other people? So you can bring them down too? I just don't get it.

The same girl just asked me if I wanted to go to the movies today. We were supposed to go yesterday, but didn't go because another friend who wanted to go couldn't because he practices the sabbath and couldn't go until saturday night. Her response was, "Great, so will be seeing another movie on a saturaday night when the theater will be packed." She wanted to go saturaday afternoon. Then she called me today asking if we wanted to go and said in a sarcastic tone, "Is the sabbath today? Can he go out today?" I just thought that was so rude! She knows that he's 7th day adv. but she's does not even care that he can't do certain things because of his faith. So, we are going to an 8pm movie because she wants to. She told me that, "If we don't go to this movie at 8pm, I'm not going to see this movie at all!" Granted, we've been to the movies EVERY weekend this semester as saw EVERY movie that she wanted to see... Sorry about the venting...
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