*I know this is completely boring but I need some advice.*

My husband and I decided to buy new living room furniture with our tax return, and after one long hellish day with two kids in tow going to serveral different furniture stores we decided on a particular couch and chair. We asked the man that helped us about their inventory, and he said their warehouse is out of those products at the moment but 12 would be coming in on the 21st (this was the 12th). He basically assured us that there would be no problem getting them, so we set up delivery for this Tuesday (the 24th) and paid for them. Today a representative from the store called to confirm delivery for ONLY the chair, they did not recieve the shipment of couches. I asked her when they would be in and she basically told me she doesn't know but maybe March 8th, two weeks from now. I told her we didn't want the chair without the couch so to cancel the delivery. I called another store of theirs to see if they had the couch in stock but apparently all the stores in this area are stocked from one warehouse, and that particular couch has "a gazillion" backorders, as the lady said. She couldn't even give me an idea of when it would be in either, but added that the other woman I talked to who told me it could be March 8th was wrong because they don't even receive shipments in that day.

So here I am, over $1200 out without my furniture or even an idea of when I'll get it. Needless to say, I'm P.O.ed. I know it's not completely the furniture stores fault, supposedly the manufacturer isn't sending them, but they had to have seen that there were "a gazillion" of them on backorder when I was ordering them, so I feel like we were misled. They did refund us the delivery charge of $89.99, but I feel that's the least they could do for not getting us the products we paid for by the time they said they could have them delivered.

I don't know what to do at this point. I don't know if I should just wait for them since they're already paid for and they refunded us the delivery charge, wait a particular amount of time for them and if they don't come in then look for something different, (But how long do I wait?), say F it and look for something different now, or something else. Is there something else I should be asking them or doing that I'm not thinking about?

I'm so disappointed. This is the first living room set we have bought ourselves and I was so excited to get exactly what I wanted instead of someone elses hand-me-downs. Our couch now is in terrible condition. What would you do?