The only time I felt like that afterwards was when I was too thin.
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I think I love you.

RCW, I'm low carb, so breakfast was a big omelet with 3 meats, onions, peppers and cheese. I haven't been able to stomach a high carb breakfast in over a decade.

I feel a strange obligation to donate. I'm O- and test negative for some virus so my blood is given to babies and preemies. It's a renewable resource and it goes to something good. I can hardly hide from them; if I haven't made an appointment they call and call. Last time I gave the intake person wanted to turn me down because I hadn't eaten, then she saw that virus indicator and changed her tune quickly.
I swear, I do better when I don't eat before, which is against recommendation and counter intuitive.
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You're CMV negative. That is not common and your blood is exta valuable.

I'm CMV negative also, and I donated for years. Then I got a false positive for Hepatitis B (which I've never had) and they won't let me donate any more. Dumb.

The only time I had a bad reaction was when I had to sprint for a train right after donating. I almost passed out. I spent the train ride with my head between my knees. Oh, that was awful.