I had SO much fun today. Probably too much fun. I've never met someone that keeps me laughing, but then has me blushing in-between the laughter. And then YOU get all bashful? So friggin cute! And you talk more than I do, and get distracted more than I do, and go into random thoughts while in the middle of distractions and current thoughts like me......gotta love ADHD.

Oh, and you're hott. I mean....wowzers. You're just adorable and I could pinch your cheeks all day long.

This wasn't supposed to happen. You weren't supposed to be interested in me out of ALL the ladies that I'm sure are infatuated with you. Why me? Hmmm.....I guess I should be saying, "Why NOT me?"

Obviously you see something special. Actually, you said I WAS special the other day. Awwww..... I guess I need to start opening my eyes up alittle bit wider.

Gosh, the next coming months are going to be interesting *sigh* Not sure what I may have to do.
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