Not sure exactly what the OP's situation was but I know what she means about friends who bring down the mood. I've had a couple of friends that were upset about something else and would be *****y the whole night instead of trying to make the best of the situation. Or they'd be rude to you if they dont like something and not say anything directly about it. They'll be catty and have an attitude for days. They don't express what they're feeling, they just act like biatch. I'm slowly cutting two friends out of my life that do this, this is not the main reason, there were other bigger issues that came up. I've never had guy friends act like this.
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I sure have. I guarantee you, this is not a female thing. This is a human being thing. Some people are better at reeling it in than others, but trust me, both genders are just as apt to be whiny and moody and sour as one another.
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LOL yeah as a married woman I can definitely attest to this. My husband definitely has his “days”, and I have learned to give him his space and/or try to get him to open up a bit if I can tell that something is really bothering him. In fact, you could argue that some men may be more prone to this kind of thing than women because men are expected to suck it up and tough it out, whereas women are more apt to talk through their issues and then get on with their lives.
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