The same thing happened to me. The delivery guys showed up with most of my furniture, but not my dresser. It took a whole lot of phone calls to find out wtf happened. No one could tell me when I was getting the dresser. I think I had to wait a month, but it came. And I still had to pay full price, and nothing was refunded. But I was certainly peeved that no one said upfront that any of that was going to happen.
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Similar to me years ago... missing pieces, delivery truck no-shows...... it wasn't pretty.

I understand about manufacturing issues, so I wouldn't suggest you ask for a refund YET, afterall they did refund you the delivery charge in order to keep your business. But I would suggest while you're waiting for your furniture that you continue to search if another store has the product that you want in-stock. If that happens to be the case, take your business elsewhere.