How does anyone start out already believing? Don't you start believing because your parents tell you to? I think studying and coming to your own realizations about God is much more preferable to just doing it because you "feel" like you've always believed. Otherwise, how are people supposed to proselytize to non-believers? (Not that I'm saying they're are supposed to, but proselytizing is important to some Christian denominations).


My father reverted to Catholicism for my mom. He was already baptized a Catholic, but went to a Baptist church. That's not really the same thing, though. Catholics do/believe some things that look a little weird to Protestants, but it's not really that big of a deal.

Oh yeah, my friend's ex-husband became a Jew. I think he was an atheist before. I don't think he necessarily started believing, but I think he saw (sees) value in the community aspect of Judaism and all that jazz.

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