DH's cousin eloped with a Muslim girl when they were both very young. Her family disowned her and his family took her in. She converted to Sikhism - I'm not sure if it was a formal process, but she was given a Sikh name and was fully involved in all the family religious ceremonies.

Well, 20 years and 2 kids later, she's changed her mind and has gone back to being a Muslim. I guess she converted because she wanted to belong rather than because of religious beliefs and she'd felt something lacking in her life all this time. Its been hard on the family, because her sons who are teenagers were brought up Sikh and now all of a sudden, Mom doesn't participate in religious activities with them anymore, and she goes to Mosque on her own and has cultivated a new set of friends/community.

My observations from watching this family is that conversion might make things easier for the short term but if you are turning your back on something that is important to you (in her case it was not only the religion, but her family and community) then there is a good chance you may regret it. Its good to think long term about it.