How does anyone start out already believing? Don't you start believing because your parents tell you to?

Well, yes, in a sense, that’s true…meaning we generally believe as we are raised to (which you might say is our parents "telling" us to.). Many of us begin to question our upbringing and then decide for ourselves to stay with it or not.

But that wasn’t even what I meant really. She started out not believing in the SDA faith.

I think studying and coming to your own realizations about God is much more preferable to just doing it because you "feel" like you've always believed.

In my aunt’s case, she married a man who was SDA; she wasn’t. So she basically forced herself to believe. She studied with the end goal of changing her beliefs to a particular and already determined point of view. That’s vastly different than "coming to your own realizations about God." That’s coming to someone else’s realizations about God, which is nothing like studying to determine what you believe. It is brainwashing to me.

However, she was raised Baptist. So I’m not sure how big of a jump that is from SDA. The conversion may’ve been rather easy. The jump to another religion entirely would be harder.

Otherwise, how are people supposed to proselytize to non-believers? (Not that I'm saying they're are supposed to, but proselytizing is important to some Christian denominations).

Are you saying people who grew up Christian can’t effectively proselytize? I’m trying to understand what you mean here.

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