I used to work for a furniture store in customer service and I just want you to be aware that most of them have a policy that if you cancel your order after a certain period of time (it varies from state to state...in TX it's 48 hrs.), they get to keep a percentage of your money as a "restocking" fee (never mind that the furniture isn't in stock...). At the store I worked at, it was 20%. They sent you a certificate for the 20%. You can get a full refund, but be prepared to do battle with the store. Also keep in mind that most of the people in the store's customer service area are 18-21 year olds who have no idea what's going on and are too lazy to figure it out. I'm stunned they actually refunded your delivery fee, so this chain might be better than most.

As for the later date, stuff happens and furniture gets broken on the transport overseas all the time. It sucks, but it's par for the course. Also common is that stuff gets held up in customs for a while. It's a royal PITA.
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