Well, I'm an atheist, so I suspect it will surprise no one when I say no, I wouldn't take up religion for a significant other. I find it a little disingenuous when people do, unless it's acknowledged as a purely-in-name kinda thing. If you have faith in one thing, how can you just shut that off and flip a switch and have faith in something new?
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I'm probably in the minority (actually, I know I'm in the minority), but I see religions as equally valid and having similar themes. And the main function of religion, IMHO, is not salvation. So I don't see it as being wish-washy. I'm Catholic, but I wouldn't be opposed to converting to Islam if I married a Muslim, for example. I'd still go to Mass once in a while and celebrate Catholic/Christian holidays. I don't imagine I'd feel any different spiritually. But again, I'm weird like that.