Thanks for the input. I've always wanted to marry someone from my faith(hard requirement/dealbreaker for me) but have been thinking the last year that maybe it's the meantime I've met a wonderful guy that is moving a bit fast for me(emotionally) and is very serious about us so I wanted to be upfront with him about my opinions on religion. So yesterday he said he's thought a lot about it and said he'd convert. But I can tell he's quite religious in his beliefs especially on one that clashes with mine. Also I've never believed in someone converting mainly for another person(we've had a couple of people do this in my family). One of the reasons I want someone from my faith is also for cultural reasons. Anyhow, I'm a bit conflicted about this issue..I'm not sure why I didn't think this would happen since I am open to meeting anyone, just didn't think I'd fall so fast for this boy!