I'm probably in the minority (actually, I know I'm in the minority), but I see religions as equally valid and having similar themes. And the main function of religion, IMHO, is not salvation. So I don't see it as being wish-washy. I'm Catholic, but I wouldn't be opposed to converting to Islam if I married a Muslim, for example. I'd still go to Mass once in a while and celebrate Catholic/Christian holidays. I don't imagine I'd feel any different spiritually. But again, I'm weird like that.
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That’s interesting Po and I do not see anything wrong with this at all. Unfortunately there are some religions out there they would not support this viewpoint at all. Ones that come to mind immediately are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even visiting a church of another religion once you have fully converted will be seen as apostasy and would lead to be “kicked out”. Some religions are very all or nothing in their views and believing means following prescribed pre-determined rules rather than coming to your own conclusions like Phoenix mentioned in her post. Well, they say that you should take the time to do your own independent study, but that study better lead you to the “right” conclusions or else.
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Sadly, I've seen that happen a few times.