He will never believe in G-d as I do. But he's willing to have Jewish kids and a kosher home and celebrate holidays with me. That's all I want. But that's going to make a conversion difficult -- we'll have to find someone willing to do it for the cause of a Jewish home. Those rabbis exist, but it may be a challenge finding one.
THAT is the kind of conversion that I can understand. (Not that it matters whether I understand or not, I'm just giving my perspective.) You're both acknowledging that he'll never be as much a part of the religion and the beiefs as you are, but he's willing to (for lack of better phrasing) play along. That is cool.
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I agree. I'm not religious and this is all moot for me, but I can't imagine choosing to believe because of someone else. Faith is so personal. But I can see practicing another faith (the rituals etc..) for that reason.

DH and I are different religions. I'm Hindu and he is Sikh. Neither of us are particularly religious, but we feel a cultural connection to our religion. So sometimes we celebrate holidays together, sometimes we don't celebrate then at all, and other times we do each do our own thing. My MIL is religious and she takes my son to temple with her. I don't mind that.

I get the impression that religions that have a formal conversion process are of the "you must reject all other beliefs" type. So it would be hard to convert and still hold on to your old practices.