Well, Sunday morning around 2am I got the urge and BC'd. I was planning on waiting until July but I just couldn't wait anymore! It's short, but what the heck... Some interesting observations I made; the crown, which appeared to be the most coarse area throughout my transition, now looks as if it's the most loose and soft. Another thing is that about six months ago I cut the relaxed ends off of 2 strips of hair in my nape area and now they are twice as long as the rest of my hair; I think that's interesting. Detangling and Co-washing is a breeze! I wore my hair out that same day and I liked it, but I'm not quite ready to wear it out at this length, so I purchased a half wig today which I plan to wear on and off until around July or whenever I can get my hair in a ponytail... I'm still manipulating the wig to get the desired look, but so far so good Okay, enough rambling, here are some pics.
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I BC'd After 10 Months of Transitioning-s6302828.jpg   I BC'd After 10 Months of Transitioning-s6302784.jpg   I BC'd After 10 Months of Transitioning-s6302805.jpg   I BC'd After 10 Months of Transitioning-s6302908.jpg  
BC: 22 February, 2009

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