I am NOT going to stop talking to the girl just b/c YOU don't like her. I KNOW exactly what kind of person she is. I get it. But she has never done anything to ME. That **** is between her, her ex and you. And, in my opinion, y'all are all acting very immature. The only difference is that she has never sunk low enough to be mad at me for associating with yall. And how DARE you to even think you can choose who I talk to..... I am a grown ass woman! Please!

Why are you so freakin' needy? Your wife is totally gonna leave if you keep that **** up! She was independent before you and doesn't need you to control every second of her day. It makes you look pathetic. Do you really need to call 3 times while we are GROCERY SHOPPING???? You would freak out if someone was being like that with your daughter. Chill out and TRUST your wife.
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

"...you could have a turd on your head and no one would notice."~Subbrock

"I had an imaginary puppy, but my grandpa ate him."~Bailey