SuZen, and everyone else who can't, it's too bad you can't donate. Last year they asked me to voluntarily be a part of a new, experimental screening program. I turned them down because if a donor is found positive, they didn't have a protocol to establish when they'd be able to donate again, if ever. Since I'm not part of the demographic that is most likely to have whatever it was, I don't feel I'm putting anyone at risk. I'd feel so bad if I couldn't give.
Medussa, I wish I were flirting with the lower weight limit.
On Friday I had my doctor take some blood tests. It turns out my marrow iron level is low. That explains why I'm so wiped. He said it's probably because I donate so often (I didn't realize there's a downside to donation), but if I take an iron supplement for a month or two I'll be back to normal. I envision large leafy green salads and (cross my fingers) steak in my future.
There's no such thing as global warming. Chuck Norris was cold so he turned up the sun.