SuZen, and everyone else who can't, it's too bad you can't donate. Last year they asked me to voluntarily be a part of a new, experimental screening program. I turned them down because if a donor is found positive, they didn't have a protocol to establish when they'd be able to donate again, if ever. Since I'm not part of the demographic that is most likely to have whatever it was, I don't feel I'm putting anyone at risk. I'd feel so bad if I couldn't give.
Medussa, I wish I were flirting with the lower weight limit.
On Friday I had my doctor take some blood tests. It turns out my marrow iron level is low. That explains why I'm so wiped. He said it's probably because I donate so often (I didn't realize there's a downside to donation), but if I take an iron supplement for a month or two I'll be back to normal. I envision large leafy green salads and (cross my fingers) steak in my future.
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I'm glad you went to see the doctor. Here you thought it had something to do with whether or not you ate before the donation. So glad you're feeling better and that it's an easy fix that involves eating yummy food.