well i have a texturizer and lemme jus tell u i luv it. i got it in september and before my hair was 3c and a lil 4a and it still (well no 4a mostly 3c) but right now its more manageable. i used 2 hate my hair and never wear it natural but since getting my texturizer ive been enthusiactic to do my hair and take care of it. i havent gotten a text since sept. and its still nice. while its grown out a little im not a slave to it. it hasnt damaged my hair. however im going to be totally honest, not 2 scare u but to giv you the truth. i have a small spot in my crown where my hair kind of got squshed and a little hard (my hair is very soft like cotton or something lol) and its really annoying. i dont know if its because of the tex but i know before i got it i never had that. i think it might have something to do w/ me sleeping on my back. all in all though i would recommend it. its wonderful and will relly help. trust me it doesnt mke going natural such a hassle (i used 2 hate combing my hair!)

hope it helped but do what you think is best

I cant fight my curls
I cant control my curls
I really just let them roll free
What else can i do?

~I have curly curly 3c hair w/ some 4a up in little corners!
~I'm have a love affair with the Ojon Line and faithfully use Garnier Fructis Spray Gel.
~I love all my kinks, coils, and curls even when I wanna rip them out!
~Trying to gorw out to BSL, any tips? Drop a mesage!