My hair is highly porous, medium dense, coarse and wavy.
I was wondering how hair types affects clumping- I actually posted that exact question yesterday on the thread about hair texture and the best products for each type! I'd love any info you have on that. I think that knowing texture and porosity is so much more important than knowing wave type.

But anyway, I have tried the following conditioners:
Suave Coconut, LPVNG, AOHSR, Vo5TeaTherapy, BiolageCB, LOOC, lime rinse (better smelly than ACV rinse), GDLI

I've tried DTing with Fekkai Shea mask, and also a LOOC/Olive Oil combo.

Right now I am off proteins to see if they are a problem coz I was having major dry and tangle issues.

The following products also haven't helped to reduce stringyness:
FOTE, Joiwhip, HHSMU, HHTTT, ReCoil, Aussie Mousse, Sebastian Potion 9.

And I've tried no combing at all while wet, detangling with wide comb, Denman, a regular comb, and just fingers. No change- stringlets.

If you can help sort this out that'd be awesome! Thanks.