My hair is highly porous, medium dense, coarse and wavy.
I was wondering how hair types affects clumping- I actually posted that exact question yesterday on the thread about hair texture and the best products for each type! I'd love any info you have on that. I think that knowing texture and porosity is so much more important than knowing wave type.

But anyway, I have tried the following conditioners:
Suave Coconut, LPVNG, AOHSR, Vo5TeaTherapy, BiolageCB, LOOC, lime rinse (better smelly than ACV rinse), GDLI

I've tried DTing with Fekkai Shea mask, and also a LOOC/Olive Oil combo.

Right now I am off proteins to see if they are a problem coz I was having major dry and tangle issues.

The following products also haven't helped to reduce stringyness:
FOTE, Joiwhip, HHSMU, HHTTT, ReCoil, Aussie Mousse, Sebastian Potion 9.

And I've tried no combing at all while wet, detangling with wide comb, Denman, a regular comb, and just fingers. No change- stringlets.

If you can help sort this out that'd be awesome! Thanks.
Originally Posted by hmixon
Oh my. You've presented a challenge.

I do think you're probably wise to lay off the proteins -- with coarse hair, you're less likely to need it.

I would have thought that either the Suave or the LPVNG would have given you good clumps. But they haven't, so let's dig deeper.

What is your routine? How are you washing, drying, and styling your hair? Are you CG?
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