I'm modified CG- low-pooing about every 4-6 days. No cones except for the water soluble ones in the styling products.

I've only been at this for two months so I can't say I have a routine down- still experimenting. But generally I am doing minimal right now since at the beginning I was trying all sorts of products all at once and never could decide what was affecting what--no scientific method at all!

So then I decided to first try to find a good low-poo and good condishes That's been my focus for the last 3 weeks. I figured once I had that I'd start experimenting with styling products.

My present routine is to co-wash or low-poo, then put some in for a leave-in and then air dry. I stopped adding stylers or even scrunching much because it caused the stringlets to get so much worse.

I did clarify and then do a DT this last weekend to see if clarifying would help clumps. No change.

For some reason as soon as I remove the water from my hair, whether by scrunching by hand or with a towel (I've tried waffle towels and flour sack towels and fake chamois) it separates.

Adding product like gel when dripping wet hasn't helped- today I may try to add product when I'm partially dry and see what that does. I don't have a regular product routine since I haven't found any that I love. At most I'll use a gel and/or mousse but mostly I don't put in any. I am waiting on an order for BB's FSG to see if that will do miracle clumps for me.

I have awful well water- hard with lots of deposits and iron, so I also rinse with distilled before my leave-in.

I live in GA where the dew point has been hovering in the teens and 20s these last few weeks.

Do you know if the texture and porosity affects clumps?