Yeah, the water...ugh.
I actually use Malibu Well Water 2000 poo about 1x month because of it. I forgot to mention that. I don't know that I see any difference from it. My husband and I were just researching the Shower Stick the other day (which I learned about on NC.) But we hope to move soon so the water may change for the better then...

But the stringlet issue really only came up for me since I went mod- CG--and the water has remained the same!

I am comforted by what you said about your wet hair being stringletty. Maybe my solution will be the right styling product. I went off all those products coz of the dryness/protein thing. But that is better now.

I've been wanting to try KCCC coz I figured a cream might be good with my hair being coarse and porous. I have been hoping that in that awesome thread on texture, porosity and other hair type madness, Struttswife would soon get to product types so that I don't have to try everything out there!!!!

What is your hair texture and porosity, Jillipoo? I've been hoping to find a close hair type to copy for a while-- are you it???

I'd love to probe the texture/porosity and clumps question with somebody like StruttsWife. Maybe she's reading this?[/quote]

If you have a minute perhaps you could post the question on the Texture, Porosity thread about clumping- because I know that Struttswife is reading that one for sure when she has a chance.

I saw your blog this morning for the first time and look forward to spending some time on it later.

Thank for all your thoughts. The first thing I need to learn is to get more patient with this process!!