Hi All,

Does someone know where to get Palmers?? And I'm looking for a store with all Palmers products, not just a jar here and a bottle there.

Back home in the US, at Walmart they a big selection of Palmers. Olive butter, Shea Butter, Palmers oil, etc etc.

Here it seems lately I'm seeing less and less Palmers. This is my number on HG for skin and I LOVE the smell!

Please let me know where you find these.
Hair Type - 3c, with a touch of 4a and a touch of 3b

Favorite Detangler - Any conditioner with high amount of behentrimonium mehtosulfate

Favorite Leave-in Conditioners - Suave Coconut, Giovanni Smooth and Silk and Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Pantene Relaxed and Natural

Favorite Hair Moisturizers - Silk Elements Hairdress