I generally "rake it through" by putting the conditioner in right side up and using a wide tooth comb to get it all through my hair and the tangles out. I then flip forward and do the scrunching. I add a little more conditioner to my hand when I'm forward to achieve the seaweedy, squishy feel. My hair is flat to my head if I don't flip over when rinsing/squishing. I'm not sure why it doesn't work if I flip over later when applying products but the rinse flipped forward is the key for me.

Lorraine in Austin had me flipped forward also for the process. HTH!
Originally Posted by icequeen
Thanks for this-I was wondering how detangling worked into this routine.
This routine isn't getting me show-stopping clumps, but I'm having better clumps than usual.
So..um...I kinda fell off the CG wagon. I got sick of long curly hair about 6 months ago. I currently have a short a-line, which I flat iron, although I also wear it wavy sometimes. I still use sulfate-free poos (I'm madly in love with the Bodyshop's rainforest moisture) and silicone free conditioners.
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