I generally "rake it through" by putting the conditioner in right side up and using a wide tooth comb to get it all through my hair and the tangles out. I then flip forward and do the scrunching. I add a little more conditioner to my hand when I'm forward to achieve the seaweedy, squishy feel. My hair is flat to my head if I don't flip over when rinsing/squishing. I'm not sure why it doesn't work if I flip over later when applying products but the rinse flipped forward is the key for me.

Lorraine in Austin had me flipped forward also for the process. HTH!
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I have been combing upside down after applying a leave in right after my shower so my hair is very wet. Then I flip right side up - organize my part then I flip upside down again and apply my gel. Then I scrunch out the excess water with my curlease. As I noted above - much more volume and root curl.
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