Wow-thank you so very much redcelticcurls! I was thinking my hair needed protein, but I wasn't quite sure. I did the strand test and that confirmed it.

I've been seeing my hair go from wavy 2C-curly3A to just wavy in the past two weeks and it's just kind of blah. I ordered a protein treatment through Amazon, but until it gets here, is there something I can make homemade (a protein treatment?)

I've tried an ACV rinse and a Baking Soda rinse, but neither helped. Do you have any suggestions? I miss my curls!!

Debbie in MD.
3A, F (fine hair), iii (lots of it)-Fia Hairtyping
My hair loves honey and protein.
Currently using Deva Care low-poo, Deva Care no-poo, Deva One condition mixed half and half with honey, Deva B'Leave In, and Arc Angell. Scrunch with a micro fiber towel, then plop with my Curl-ease towel (love that thing for 20 minutes.