Unfortunately, I have to report a very bad experience with the Copolla Keratin treatment. My salon (Invidia in Sudbury, Massachusetts) did not warn me about using (or not using) any specific type of shampoo on my hair following this treatment. I washed my hair after the required 3 day waiting period, and upon towel-drying my hair, I realized that all the ends of my hair became a shrivelled, dried-out tangled mess! I immediately got on the phone with my salon, who said they were sure it had nothing to do with the keratin treatment. They wanted to see my hair, so I went in. They asked what I used to wash my hair, and I told them, "the same shampoo I've used for the last 10 or 15 years, Head and Shoulders". They said that was probably the problem, that the shampoo basically got into the hair and sucked out the protein treatment, leaving me with these shrivelled, damaged ends that make my hair looked very over-processed and unhealthy. In researching this, here is what I've been told: Many salons include safe-to-use products in their price, and warn/advise that they cannot guarantee outcome if any other products are used. Pureology seems to be the most often suggested product. My salon sold me Pureology shampoo and Morocan Oil (both conditioner and oil), to help "restore the moisture" neither of which has helped. The only thing that has helped has been drastic trimming.

I wished I'd researched this before having it done, as many you are doing. I just thought that going to a reputable salon would ensure me of a good outcome! I'm still working on trying to get my $400 back.