Ok so I just want to make sure I understand this before I go try it.

You cowash normal (right side up) and totally rinse out like normal. You then rake through your rinse out, lean over so it is upside down, then take more rinse out and scrunch it in until it feels squishy like seaweed. You can then flip it back up and do the rest of your shower routine, then you can rinse it out upside down. Do you then scunch it some more (with or without conditioner?) once you've rinsed? Then when you get out of the shower, you're scrunching in products rather than raking to keep the clumps? Anyone plopping with this method?

Sorry to be dense, just want to make sure I get it
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My hair is about shoulder length so I can pull this off but I comb/rake through my rinse out, flip forward and squish in a bit more and then leave my hair flipped forward through the rest of my shower routine and rinse it out forward. Still leave my hair forward as I apply my products, scrunch gently with my CurlslikeUs towel and flip upright. I usually apply a very light glaze of gel after I flip up. Put my clips in and diffuse. It sounds strange but works ok. Way back, Jess from Jessicurl mentioned that flipping back and forth too much causes frizz so I minimize that part.

On a side note, I had my hair cut yesterday by a Deva stylist in a salon where several stylists are trained but it was not Devachan. They were all using Low Poo, OneC and ArcAngell. No Set It Free, Set Me Up or Angell. I watched how they were finishing people as I was drying and noted they all applied products while soaking wet, squeezing water out through the application process. After they applied lots of ArcAngell (more than I've ever dared!) with people flipped forward, they scrunched through gently with a paper towel before flipping upright. The stylist told me they were told the final scrunch with papertowel "pushed the gel into hair." I haven't tried it yet but I will say my hair dried nicely, the initial crunchiness disappeared and I had very nice defined clumping curls. She also applied clips in the top of my head like you would use a salad fork/spoon. Opened them slightly, pushed through the hair and clipped upright with a slight angle so they looked like tools in a salad bowl. I really liked the way my hair looked. A fair amount of volume and my part didn't stand out. I haven't tried any of the above yet but thought I would share.
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Always use the "Icequeen" method for products

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